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Demon Witch: Witches of Mountain Shadow Book Two (Paperback Edition)

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Magic tore the veil between realms. Now demons are ravaging Mountain Shadow.

On the night the traitor was killed, a dangerous murderer disappeared. Fiona just wants things to go back to normal, but the town and her coven are in turmoil.

When Fiona is attacked by a demonic wolf, she and Gabriel discover a tear in the veil. Demons are escaping from the Underworld in droves, killing their mortal hosts. The police are baffled by the mysterious deaths, and Fiona is the only one who can stop them.

The trouble is that Fiona doesn’t know the first thing about slaying demons. To harness the power that is her birthright, she’s going to need Gabriel’s help. She’s declared an uneasy truce with the hunter next door, but their shaky trust is about to be tested.

In her quest to become the ultimate demon wielder, Fiona will discover the darker side of Mountain Shadow — one with vampires, demons, and a seductive new power.

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