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Warrior Witch: Witches of Mountain Shadow Book Six (Paperback Edition)

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The werewolves and vampires are on the brink of war, and Fiona and Gabriel are powerless to stop it. After Sigrid’s brutal attack on the local packs, the alphas are on the warpath, and a dangerous coalition of vampires has been slaughtering innocent mortals.

Gabriel’s old handler Elias has disappeared, but he knows Fiona’s secret. Any clue for how to help Fiona died with Gabriel’s mother, but Gabriel is determined to uncover his past in the hope of saving their future.

When the Brotherhood’s sinister new mission is brought to light, it sends shockwaves through the supernatural community. Vampires and werewolves have been slaughtering one another for centuries, but can they set aside their hatred long enough to unite against a common enemy?

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