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Dark Witch: Witches of Mountain Shadow Book Four (Paperback Edition)

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Fiona managed to save her town from demons. Now there’s a bounty on her head.

When Fiona consumed the demon king’s aether, she half expected that it would kill her. Now she’s stuck with Lord Balor’s dark energy ravaging her soul. Gabriel has left Mountain Shadow, and the town has been invaded by ghost hunters and the crew of a hit reality-TV show.

To make matters worse, Fiona’s fight at Busk Fest attracted the attention of the most powerful hunters in the Brotherhood. They’ve put a bounty on Fiona’s head, making her a target for freelance hunters.

When Balor’s aether drives Fiona to commit an unforgivable offense, any hope for a pardon from the Brotherhood is dashed. Gabriel is determined to save Fiona’s life, but defending a witch will force him to choose between Fiona and his own kind.

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