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Hunter's Witch: Witches of Mountain Shadow Book Five (Paperback Edition)

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Life is hard when you’re undead.

The Grimes sisters have always looked out for one another, but now Fiona must protect Eleanor from herself. As the newest vampire in Mountain Shadow, Eleanor has to learn to control her thirst or face the wrath of the local clan.

As if life with a vampire weren’t hard enough, Fiona is also preparing for battle. Gabriel’s split from the Brotherhood means any hunter can lay claim to his territory — they just have to kill him first.

When Gabriel disappears in the middle of the night, Fiona will go to any lengths to find him. That includes teaming up with her newest frenemy and tracking down one of Daphne’s old flames.

As they race to solve the mystery of Gabriel’s disappearance, Fiona learns a disturbing truth — one that might mean losing him forever.

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