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The Witch's Fortune: A Witches of Mountain Shadow Prequel Novella (Paperback Edition)

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You can never leave Mountain Shadow for good...

In the small town of Mountain Shadow, Fiona and Eleanor have always been "the weird Grimes sisters." Fiona never had any intention of moving back home, but when her parents are killed in a fire, she's drawn back to the rambling old house that's been in her family for generations.

There she finds an unwelcome guest — the spirit of a nineteenth-century gold prospector who knew her great-great-grandmother, Loretta. He's there for one reason and one reason alone: to keep Fiona from leaving Mountain Shadow.

When Fiona enlists the help of her psychic friend Jinx, she learns more than she bargained for. With the draw of a card, she finds herself questioning — not just her own life's purpose — but the greater destiny of her entire family.

The Witch's Fortune is a prequel to Aether Witch but may be enjoyed at any time.

Also available as an ebook wherever books are sold!