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The Elven Blade (Paperback Edition)

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A stolen egg. An enchanted sword. One girl who can wield it.

King Eldrich’s army won the Elven War. The surviving elves and their magical allies have been hunted to near extinction.

Storria is a half-elf who can pass for a human. She’s quick with a sword, even quicker with her wit, and desperate to avoid a betrothal. When a dragon presents her with a sentient elven sword, Storria thinks she can sell the blade to pay her father’s debts and avoid marriage altogether.

The sword has its own motives.

When it urges her to steal a dragon egg that’s been sold in a black-market auction, Storria finds herself on the run from a powerful lord and his hired swords, including a handsome mercenary, a curmudgeonly dwarf, and a soft-spoken giant. To keep the egg out of the hands of those who seek to destroy it, Storria must outwit the mercenary and his ruffians without revealing the truth of her bloodline.


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