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Dead Ringer: Mountain Shadow Mysteries 3 (Paperback Edition)

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Things are finally looking up for Caroline McCrithers. After moving to Colorado jobless and broke, she’s on the verge of fulfilling her aunt’s dying wish to restore The Mountain Shadow Grand Hotel.

Construction is finally underway, but Caroline needs more money to complete the renovations. She decides to host a Halloween fundraiser gala at the hotel to persuade all the movers and shakers in town to invest. It’s a brilliant plan with one hitch — the foul-mouthed ghost of the hotel’s former cook who refuses to relinquish her kitchen.

But when the body of the lead foreman is discovered during the gala, Caroline realizes that one belligerent spirit is the least of her problems. Not only is the foreman dead, but the killer is somewhere inside the hotel.

Now Caroline must solve the case without alerting any of her high-powered guests. To do so, she’ll have to enlist the help of her dead aunt’s ghost, Officer Handsome, and the local coven. Will Caroline ID the killer before it’s too late, or will scandal destroy her dreams of reopening the beloved hotel?

Dead Ringer is the third book in the charmingly haunted Mountain Shadow Mysteries series. If you like unlucky-but-plucky heroines, ghosts, and quirky small towns, you’ll love Tarah Benner’s paranormal mysteries.

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