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Better Off Dead: Mountain Shadow Mysteries Book 1 (Paperback Edition)

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Caroline McCrithers has it all figured out. She’s got a five-year plan, a killer career, and she’s engaged to marry the man of her dreams.

Learning her perfect fiancé is a catfishing fraud? Not part of the plan.

When Caroline returns to the small town of Mountain Shadow to lick her wounds and help her spunky grandmother plan a funeral, she learns that she’s inherited an old hotel — and an ornery black cat. It was her aunt Lucille’s dying wish that Caroline restore the falling-down hotel to its former glory. The problem? The Mountain Shadow Grand might be haunted — by Aunt Lucille herself!

When a greedy developer winds up dead, Gran becomes the lead suspect in his murder. It’s up to Caroline to solve the case, clear her grandmother’s name, and unravel the secrets of her haunted hotel.

If you love twisty mysteries, feisty grannies, and haunted places, you’ll love the Mountain Shadow Mysteries. Grab your copy now!