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Exposure: Book Two of The Fringe (Paperback Edition)

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When Harper discovered the truth about Bid Day, she inadvertently painted a target on her back. Now Constance, the infamous espionage unit, wants her and her friends kept quiet at all costs. She and Eli are being sent out into the Fringe, where they’ll face damaging radiation, violent gangs of survivors, and be forced to fulfill Recon’s sinister duty.

After her first deployment goes bad, Harper is racked with guilt and paralyzed by fear. Out there, it’s kill or be killed, but the real danger is inside the compound. Eli is determined to protect Harper, but that means tearing down the walls he’s worked so hard to build.

The only way to avoid a brutal death on the Fringe and escape Constance’s control is to flee to a neighboring compound. Eli wants to risk it all for Harper, but to choose her, he’ll also have to give up his only connection to his past.

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