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Colony's End: Book Five of The Elderon Chronicles (Digital Edition)

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She made her choice. She took a stand. Now she must face the consequences. 

After a failed overthrow attempt on Elderon, Maggie is Mordecai’s prisoner. Her trust in Jonah has been shattered, and now she finds herself questioning everything.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Tripp’s troubles are far from over. He has a plan to throw Mordecai’s fortress into chaos, but he’s being hunted by deadly assassins.

When their actions trigger a disaster on Elderon, Maggie, Jonah, and Tripp will have to work together to defeat Mordecai and his army of bots. To dismantle the machine, they’ll have to target the man. But can they save Elderon and save the world?

In this thrilling conclusion to The Elderon Chronicles, friendships will be tested, love will flicker and burn, and mankind’s greatest achievement could be its undoing.


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