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Colony World: Book Four of The Elderon Chronicles (Digital Edition)

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Three years after a heartbreaking defeat, Maggie’s world is unrecognizable. She’s gone underground to hide from Mordecai. Her career as a journalist is over. She’s scrubbing toilets in a seedy hotel just to make ends meet.

Mordecai’s vision for bot domination has brought the country to its knees. An attack on Congress and a humanoid army has shrouded Maggie’s city in fear. Tripp is a hostage on his own space station, forced to finance Mordecai’s campaign of terror. Maggie, Ping, and Alex are fighting from the shadows, but Maggie can’t escape the wounds of her past.

When she receives a message from Tripp, she puts a dangerous plan into motion. The mission could thwart Mordecai’s global ambitions and stop the spread of bots. But when Maggie gets a visit from a mysterious stranger, her entire world is turned upside down. Overnight she becomes the most hunted woman alive and learns a shocking truth.


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