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Blood Ties: A Pierce Brothers Novella (Digital Edition)

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It’s hard to catch a bloodthirsty killer if you don’t know she’s undead.

Wesley Pierce just made detective, and he’s at a serious disadvantage. He’s been drawn into a string of unusual murders committed by a creature that doesn’t exist. The victims are all handsome men at the top of their game, murdered by a woman with supernatural strength.

His brother Gabriel knows something he doesn’t: that Wesley’s killer is a vampire. 

Gabriel Pierce is a hunter — a supernatural predator who slays witches and werewolves. Wesley has no idea what his brother does after dark, but Gabriel knows Wesley is no match for a vamp. He’s determined to stake the killer before Wesley gets too close. But to do that, he’ll have to enlist the help of a sexy rival hunter.

When Gabriel provokes the killer to lure her out of hiding, Wesley becomes a pawn in her twisted game. Can Gabriel stake the killer vamp before it’s too late?


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