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Please note that some of the Witches of Mountain Shadow stories contain spoilers for later books in the series. The correct reading order is denoted below each story title. Happy reading!

Dragon Kingdom

The Lady of the Isle (Pre-Prequel Bonus to The Silverflame Dragon)

The Silverflame Dragon (Prequel Novella)

Witches of Mountain Shadow

Fiona's Hex

(Takes place before Aether Witch.)

The Witch's Fortune (Novella)

(Takes place before Aether Witch.)

The Cat and the Coin Burglar

(Takes place before Aether Witch.)

Revenge of the Lonely Hearts

(Takes place before Aether Witch.)

A Fairy Infestation at The Wind Chime Inn

(Takes place before Aether Witch.)

Calling up the Bones

(Takes place before Aether Witch.)

Furies and Fixer-Uppers

(Takes place between Aether Witch and Demon Witch)

Eleanor Meets Holden (Bonus Scene)

(Takes place between Aether Witch and Demon Witch)

The Other Hunter

(Takes place after Spirit Witch.)

Mean Girls and Goblins

(Takes place after Spirit Witch.)

The Mayor and the Mirror

(Takes place after Dark Witch.)

The Fae Hunt

(Takes place after Dark Witch)

A Drink Between Brothers (Bonus Scene)

(Takes place during Hunter's Witch.)

Christmas Day at the Chalet

Takes place after Warrior Witch.

Black Cameo

Takes place after Warrior Witch.

The Dragon of Larksburrow

(Takes place after Warrior Witch. No spoilers for events beyond Dark Witch.)

Return to Mountain Shadow

Sloan and Wesley Teaser Chapter

(Takes place 24 years after Warrior Witch.)

The Elderon Chronicles

The Last Maverick (Novella)

Elderon Extras