A beta reader is someone who reads a manuscript before it is published. The role of the beta reader is primarily to give the writer feedback on the reading experience and share his or her thoughts on the novel’s plot, characters, and general level of interest maintained throughout the book.

While there is no such thing as a perfect draft, I try to make sure the book is in as good of shape as I can get it myself before giving it to others to read. (I personally like to distribute beta copies after the book has been through a big edit for plot and two line edits but before it goes to my editor.)

Because the book is not ready for publication, I ask that you do not share it with anyone else. Beta copies are only intended for the handful of readers I entrust with an early (re: imperfect) draft.

As you read, please treat the novel like a published book that you paid good money for. Your tactful, honest feedback is appreciated.

What I’d like to hear about:

  • Parts of the story you loved
  • Any elements of the story that confused you or didn’t make sense
  • Any parts of the story you found boring
  • Any plot holes you may have uncovered
  • Any aspects of the story’s timeline that don’t add up
  • Inconsistencies (e.g., a character is wearing a blue shirt at the beginning of a scene but a red shirt at the end)
  • Any parts where you thought a character was acting in a way he or she wouldn’t normally behave
  • Any parts you found cheesy or annoying

Bonus points if you:

  • Flag where you put the book down (ending your reading session)
  • Flag typos (Note that I do not expect beta readers to do this. This is what editors are for.)

Thank you so much for reading the book early and providing your feedback. I truly appreciate it!

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