Times are desperate. Trust no one.

WebsiteWhen Lark, Soren, and Axel disappear from Kingsville, Bernie learns that her friends have been captured by Homeland Security. They’re being detained at Cheyenne Mountain Complex, an impenetrable government fortress encased by two thousand feet of granite.

Homeland Security wants information on GreenSeed, but Soren is still reeling from his discovery in Kingsville. He’s combative and inconsolable, while Axel finds it amusing to block the government at every turn. Lark is desperate to negotiate their freedom, but she doesn’t know whom she can trust.

When the agents come to Lark with an offer, she’ll have to make a choice that carries lifelong consequences: Risk her freedom in exchange for Soren and Axel’s, or sentence them all to a life behind bars.

Coming to Audible January 30!

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