tarah-bennerHello! I’m Tarah.

I’m the author of The Fringe, The Defectors Trilogy, and Bound in Blood — dystopian novels for new adults.

As a writer, I draw on my own experiences with love, death, and martial arts to make my books as realistic as possible. The problems my characters face in their dystopian universes come from real-world issues, and nearly all the technology and medical procedures depicted in my books are based on the trajectory of today’s breakthroughs.

I live and write in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When I’m not dreaming up futuristic worlds, I enjoy running, Krav Maga, kickboxing, eating, and binge-watching “Shameless” on Netflix. According to my Myers-Briggs test, I’m an INFJ (heavy on the “I”), but I love getting reader mail.

Feel free to get in touch to tell me what you think of the books: