The Elderon Digital Box Set Is Now Available!

Hello friends!

Today’s the day…I have a mini release to tide you over until Elderon book four comes out in May. The Elderon Chronicles is now available in a beautiful box set. You can get all three of the first books (Colony One, Colony War, and Colony Assassin) for the price of two. Or you can read them all for free in Kindle Unlimited!

Some of you may be wondering why I went with such a different cover for the box set. While Colony One is a story that takes place on a colony in outer space, that is not what the series is really about. Yes, there is space travel, but it is not a “space book.” I worry sometimes that people who like my other books (but don’t read space opera) might be turned off by the space station on the cover. Most of book two actually takes place on Earth, and the colony is really just a setting for the dystopian-esque adventure that unfolds.

The box set cover is a little friendlier to my bread-and-butter audience who love strong female characters, action, adventure, conspiracy, and steamy tension. The Elderon Chronicles has all of that and more, and it’s written from both the male and female perspectives. If you enjoyed The Fringe, I suggest that you read this series next. You’re gonna love it. I promise.

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