Colony Assassin Is Here!

Hello friends,

Happy holidays! Christmas isn’t over yet…Colony Assassin is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Colony-Assassin-KindleIf you haven’t begun The Elderon Chronicles yet, you must. It’s perfect for fans of The Fringe or for those who just love sassy heroines, tormented heroes, and conspiracies in outer space. You can read all three books on Kindle Unlimited!

For you Elderon fans, book three picks up right where book two left off.

Maverick Enterprises has been reduced to rubble. Mordecai has fled from Earth. He’s ensconced himself in a galactic fortress and surrounded himself with an army of bots.

When Jonah is framed for the attack on Maverick, Maggie must go to Elderon alone. She is determined to clear Jonah’s name and stop Mordecai’s reign of tyranny, but a stowaway on board the space station has her own ideas. Even worse, the US military is plotting an attack — one that could kill everyone on Elderon.

To save the colony, Maggie and Tripp will forge a controversial alliance, and Jonah will make a choice that could have permanent consequences.

This book is huge for Maggie and Jonah. You aren’t going to want to miss it. So what are you waiting for? Download your copy or start reading on KU now!

6 thoughts on “Colony Assassin Is Here!

      1. Not right now, unfortunately. I just have not seen a very big demand for other languages, and these translations are very costly to do. If I knew of a publisher interested in translating my books, I would definitely make a deal. My back list is just so big (and growing every day), so this isn’t something I have time to pursue myself on a book-by-book and language-by-language basis. I’m sorry! 😦

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