Last Chance to Get Colony Assassin Early — With Bonus Stories!

Hey friends,

Get excited. Colony Assassin will be here soon! December 27 is the official release, but it will be here sooner for others. Let me explain.

If you sign up for my new books on Patreon, you’ll get each new release early and get the bonus short stories. I wrote three bonus shorts for Colony One, three for Colony War, and two (including one extra-long story) for Colony Assassin. You get to access them all even if you pledge at the $1 level.

This time around, the bonuses are particularly awesome because Maggie’s short story gives you a sneak peek into the action that takes place between books three and four. You’ll never know what happens otherwise!

Patreon is also great because it gives you the option to download the book in the format of your choice. That means if you read on Apple, Kindle, Kobo, Android, or Nook, you can get the book on your preferred e-reader in a snap.

For the same price as you’d pay on Amazon, you get to read Colony Assassin THURSDAY, as well as all the awesome shorts. (Patreon also makes a great Christmas present — you can get a whole year’s worth of my books for just $12!) But you MUST do it by Wednesday. After that, my exclusivity with Amazon goes into effect, and you won’t be able to get the new book on Patreon.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up. I promise you’re going to love it.

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