Colony One Is Here!!!

Hey friends,

Today’s a big day. Today I officially launch Colony One into the stratosphere! It’s the first book in my awesome new space saga, and I had a blast writing it.

eBook smallIf you liked The Fringe, you’re gonna love Colony One.

It stars Maggie, a spunky, down-on-her-luck journalist trying to make it in an era when robots are taking over the world, and Jonah, a disgraced ex-army operative whose job was once to track down and kill the world’s most notorious cyberterrorists. Now Jonah is a trainer who spends his days toning the asses of LA’s elite.

These two unlikely heroes are strangers from opposite coasts, but their worlds collide when they’re offered the chance of a lifetime — to live and work aboard the first civilian space colony.

Aboard Elderon, you’ll enter a world where humans and bots work side by side and meat is grown in a lab. Jonah is part of the Space Force — a private military group designed to protect the colony from foreign cyberattacks and physical assault. Maggie was brought on as part of the galactic press corps to make Elderon look good. The problem? Maggie is sort of a conspiracy junkie.

You’ll meet Tripp Van de Graaf, son of the legendary space architect whose company is primed to take over the galaxy and get inside Maggie’s head as she explores the dark side of her utopic new home.

There is so much to love about Colony One, and you can read it now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

If you download the book within the first week, you’ll gain access to the Colony One fan portal. Inside you’ll find casting photos, the secret history of Maverick Enterprises and BlumBot International, and an in-depth profile on a very special character. You’ll get the link and password in the back of the book, but you MUST download it by May 1.

So what are you waiting for? Get the bonus content before it’s gone! Go grab your copy of Colony One, and prepare to get sucked into your new favorite space conspiracy.


2 thoughts on “Colony One Is Here!!!

  1. I made the fault to try a sample on Kindle . I had to buy the book to finish. A really great book and I hope I will not have to wait too long for the next book.

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