Colony One Cover Reveal — And Get the Book Early!

Hey friends,

Today’s the day…I’m finally ready to unveil the cover of Colony One.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 1.45.59 PMThis one took Slobodan and I a long time to work out because I had to decide how to best convey the story I was trying to tell. We played with putting people on the cover, not putting people on the cover, and finally settled on a view of the EPIC space colony.

Even if you’re not typically a “general” sci-fi reader, you’re going to fall in love with Colony One. It stars Maggie, a gutsy young journalist who’s struggling to make it in a world dominated by algorithms and robots, and Jonah, a disgraced ex-Army special forces guy with a chip on his shoulder and one last chance to make it in his career.

These two are strangers from opposite coasts, but their worlds collide when they’re sent to live on the first-ever civilian space colony. Mind-bending future technology, conspiracy, deception, sexual tension — this book has all the things you’ve come to expect from my books. It’s more like The Fringe than Lawless, so if you’re hungry for something like that, you’re going to devour this series.

Get Colony One Early

One more thing: If you LOVE my stories and want to get this one early, don’t forget to subscribe to my books on Patreon. You only have until Tuesday, April 17! Here’s why you should:

  • You only pay when I release a new book. Never miss a new release again.
  • You get cool bonuses. For Colony One, I’m giving my Patreon people three free short stories.
  • You get the book early (usually about a week before it goes live on Amazon).
  • You get the book in any format you want. (Read on an iPad or Nook? No problem. BookFunnel supports those, too. Plus, you own the book. You’re not “borrowing” it from Kindle Unlimited.)
  • You get to support me directly. I pocket about 90% of the profits generated by Patreon (rather than the 35-70% I keep from Amazon).

I’ve created several different tiers on Patreon so you can get exactly what you want:

  • $1 –  Short stories ONLY (no e-book)
  • $4 – E-book (delivered via BookFunnel April 18), short stories, plus any other digital bonuses I come up with.
  • $25 – SIGNED PRINT COPY (delivered via snail mail a few weeks after the digital launch), e-book (delivered via BookFunnel April 18), short stories and digital bonuses. This option is only available in the U.S., but there is an international fan tier above this one.

You can cancel or change your pledge at any time. You just have to sign up by April 17 to get Colony One. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy it on Amazon with everyone else on April 24.

Questions? Head over to my page to read more about Patreon. You can also shoot me an email at

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Colony One Cover Reveal — And Get the Book Early!

  1. I like the idea that you get a generous portion for all your hard work, as it should be. Anyway. How is Tabitha. Your fanHeather

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