Ruthless Is Now on Audible!

Hey friends!

Ruthless_Audio_CoverBig news! Ruthless is now available in audiobook format. You can grab your copy today with your Audible credit or get it for FREE when you start your 30-day trial. (If you haven’t started the Lawless Saga yet, now is the PERFECT time to do it. Books one and two are also available, and book four is coming soon to Audible!)

I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer O’Donnell, the talented narrator, or the wonderful people at Podium Publishing. They have created an experience that is simply out of this world. I wrote the book, and I found myself getting sucked in. Jennifer really is that good.

If you’re like me, you probably made a New Year’s resolution to read more — or, in my case, to read more consistently. Audiobooks are a great way to accomplish that goal. I listen to audio content while I’m making breakfast, getting ready, and cleaning the house. It’s also a nice way to share your favorite books with your spouse or family members by forcing them to listen in the car. Haha! Dystopian ambush.

So what are you waiting for? Go download Ruthless on Audible. And let me know what you think! You can shoot me an email via the contact form in the menu or leave a note in the comments below!



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