Ruthless Is Coming August 14th

WebsiteHey friends,

I know many of you have been wondering when Lawless 3 will be out. I’ve been working on it diligently despite some BIG life stuff (I’m getting married!!!!), and now I finally have a release date for you.

The book will be out Monday, August 14th, and I’m offering an AWESOME bonus for those who download the book within the first 48 hours.

I’ve been working on a prequel novelette (five chapters) from Bernie’s point of view. It takes place in the months leading up to her imprisonment and offers a glimpse at what the world was like before it all went to hell. It’s called Desolation, and I had a blast writing it.

If you download Ruthless within the first 48 hours, you’ll find out what happened after Homeland Security showed up in Kingsville AND get an awesome bonus story to tide you over until the last book is released.

If you haven’t signed up for my Reader Army newsletter, make sure you join now so that you get my reminder when the book comes out. You won’t want to miss this.

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