Get Your Copy of ‘Bound in Blood’

Hey friends,

Today’s the day! Bound in Blood is now available for digital download wherever books are sold.


I’m thrilled to release this book because I had an absolute blast writing it. Bound in Blood is the prequel to a novel that will be released later this year called Blood for Blood. It was supposed to be a novella to provide background on a few key characters, but the story grew and grew, and the characters took on a life of their own.

Now it’s a short novel about 3/4 the length of Recon, and it’s book one of what will probably be the three-book Blood Trilogy. It’s got murder, class warfare, artificial intelligence, motherhood, and lots of bad blood. Here’s a teaser:

Juliette Hayashi appears to have it all — until she’s found brutally murdered in her own restaurant. No one knows who might have killed the beautiful single mother, and the investigation’s sole witness has vanished without a trace.

Detective Wesley Wright is charged with solving Juliette’s murder, but he’s just the human face on an investigation driven by artificial intelligence. His superiors are confident in the department’s crime-solving software, Sherlokk, but Wesley is convinced that the Hayashi murder won’t be solved by AI alone.

When Sherlokk uncovers Juliette’s secret affair, a dispute with a vengeful dance mom, and a mysterious stranger with ties to the restaurant, Wesley will take it upon himself to untangle Juliette’s messy web of money, lust, and revenge.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? You can get your copy here:

Amazon | Apple iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo

2 thoughts on “Get Your Copy of ‘Bound in Blood’

    1. Hi Amy–Wow! I have not heard anything from anyone about Blood for Blood in a very long time. As of now, I do not have plans to release Blood for Blood. Although, I do want to dig into the manuscript to see if it is any good. I have not touched it in years. The main issue with the series is that there has not seemed to be any interest in it since it is outside my normal genre, save for a handful of wonderful people like yourself. 🙂 Thank you for your interest in it–I’m sorry I could not deliver better news right now.

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