The Fringe Is Coming to Audible

Hey friends,

I’m taking a break from the final draft of Bound in Blood to write this because I have some very exciting news about The Fringe that I’m finally at liberty to share.

Audible has officially signed on to produce books one through four of The Fringe, and I now know the voice artists who will be bringing Harper, Eli, and all the rest of the gang to life!


Meet the Narrators

Saskia Maarleveld and Michael Goldstrom will be narrating the books, which is especially exciting to me since they are two of the narrators I begged Audible for as we were negotiating this deal.

saskiaSaskia has narrated more than 80 books — including books by one of my favorite new adult authors, Jennifer Armentrout. She strikes me as having just the right amount of sass and strength for Harper and the versatility to read Sawyer’s chapters as well. (Based on what I’ve read about her, different accents and dialects are her specialty, so portraying our favorite high-strung med intern should be no problem.)

You can hear a sample of Saskia’s work here.


431085_10150738511619603_1387319318_nMichael is a Juilliard-trained narrator who has worked in just about every genre imaginable. Dystopian fans might remember him narrating book two of “Under the Never Sky.” Michael has one of those strong, confident voices that would make you follow him out into the radiation-soaked desert without hesitation, and I think he’ll be able to project Eli’s sexiness with ease.

You can hear a sample of Michael’s work here.

Audible tells me that once a book has entered production, it’s usually about three months before it’s available in the store. I’m hoping that means we’ll be able to download Recon sometime this spring.

I know, I know. Some of you are probably like, “That’s great, Tarah. But when the fuck is Fringe 5 coming out?” For now, I am projecting a June release, but I’ll have a more definitive projection when I finish the first draft.

In the meantime, Bound in Blood will be out next month to tide you over until the Fringe finale. I’m doing something special for my newsletter members, so make sure you join up this week if you haven’t already.

Happy reading (and listening)!



6 thoughts on “The Fringe Is Coming to Audible

  1. Waking up this morning thinking “I need to check for fringe 5 update”—never been so anxious for a book release. Glad to here we’re getting there though it can’t get here soon enough 😊 Still think this series deserves a crazy amazing movie deal 💗

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