Lockdown Is Now Available!

You’ve waited…You’ve wondered…Many of you have sent me semi-frantic emails demanding book four of The Fringe. So I’m very pleased to announce that the wait is finally over!


Lockdown is now available wherever books are sold.

Amazon | Apple iBooks | Barnes & NobleGoogle Play | Kobo

The book picks up right where book three left off with all our favorite people in a bit of a pickle.

Harper is in the cages. Eli is being held and tortured by Constance. And Celdon is caught in the middle — forced to choose between hurting his friends and uncovering the truth. I know you have questions, and many of those will be answered!

  • Why did Celdon’s mom abandon him out on the Fringe?
  • How do the drifters plan to introduce the virus to compound 112?
  • How did Owen get tangled up with Malcolm? And why is he such an asshole anyway?
  • Will Harper and Eli be reunited, and if so, will they ever admit their true feelings for each other?

It’s all right here waiting for you in Lockdown. Go get your copy now! When you’re finished, I hope you’ll leave a review on your favorite retailer’s website and Goodreads. Remember: Reviews help readers like you discover books by indie authors.

6 thoughts on “Lockdown Is Now Available!

  1. Ok, I have a real problem. I waited watching the clock last night to get it as soon as it was released! Gah!!!!!! I’m already dreading the wait for book 5! Somebody please!!!!! Make this a movie! I can’t get enough! 😊💗

  2. Once again I’m blown away! Your characters are amazing and I just could not get enough of this book!!! Thank you! Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t HATE it if there were ever a book about Sage and Owen…..just sayin, it wouldn’t be horrible 😊 I LOVE Sage and Owen!!!!!!! i will be leaving good reviews for you on every site I can find as soon as I can sit down long enough to make them great! Thanks again for sharing their stories with us and I can’t wait for book 5! 💗

    1. Thanks so much Destiny. You are too sweet. I hadn’t thought about writing a book about Sage and Owen, but you never know. Thanks so much for leaving reviews. I really appreciate it!

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