My Three Favorite New Characters Appearing in ‘Lockdown’

Hey friends,

Lots of you have been getting in touch to tell me that you’re eagerly awaiting book four of The Fringe. I’m pleased to announce that I’m deep in edits right now, and “Lockdown” will be out in November 2015. It’s coming together quite nicely, and I’ve already plotted out how the series will end in book five.

One of the most exciting things for me is getting to introduce new characters who add depth to the world and play off the characters we already know and love. Some of these characters will only make short appearances, but I thought you might be interested in learning more about them. Here we go…


Owen’s sometimes girlfriend out on the Fringe


Sage first met Owen when he was 17 and she was 19. She’s a free spirit who drifts in and out of his life at irregular intervals, but she loves him in a way that no one else has. As Owen puts it, “She doesn’t understand my disfunction, but she doesn’t resent it either.”

Sage has a lot of violence and abuse in her past, but she still sees the beauty and goodness in the wreckage of the Fringe. She has a habit of rescuing vintage clothes, pre–Death Storm antiques, and coffee from abandoned stores, and she’s determined to break down Owen’s walls.

Chief Deputy Woodhouse

The warden with a conscience


Tennessee Woodhouse only has a bit part in “Lockdown,” but he came to me fully formed when I first imagined a warden in Control who’s actually not a bad guy. Most of the controllers in the compound are power-tripping assholes with a skewed sense of right and wrong, but Woodhouse has managed to climb the ranks in the section with his moral compass still intact.

Celdon describes him as sort of a compound cowboy, with a gunslinger mustache and a belt buckle that reads “Mess With the Bull…Get the Horns.”

Woodhouse is First Gen, but he came into the compound around the time Sawyer’s parents did. He’s old enough to remember what the world was like before Death Storm, and he still clings to the noble old “protect and serve” notions of pre-Death Storm justice.


Lovable rascal and drifter black sheep


Gunner wins the grand prize in my heart despite not being completely new to the series. He had a brief cameo in “Outbreak” guarding the new drifter base at the pawn shop. Remember the bleached-blond kid with the lip ring and Southern drawl? We get another small taste of him in a few scenes in “Lockdown,” but he’s going to have a larger role in book five.

The reason I like Gunner is that he’s relentlessly friendly and good-natured despite being surrounded by a bunch of rough, rude drifter guys who don’t really like having him around. He’s kind of a cross between Half-Sack from “Sons of Anarchy” and Tweener from “Prison Break.”

Who are you most excited to see in “Lockdown”? Old characters count, too!

7 thoughts on “My Three Favorite New Characters Appearing in ‘Lockdown’

  1. Ahhhhh!!!!!! December can’t get here fast enough. I just binged all 3 books in 8 days. (My poor neglected children) 😳 And now I’m gonna hyperventilate bc I HAVE to know what happens?!?! 😊 I have to say, this is the first series I’ve read that has really strong leading make AND female. I get so sick of damsels being rescued vs the feminist approach where ALL the leaders are women. Women can be strong and kick butt whilst still working with a strong male role! I have to say Eli is one of the best characters I’ve ever read. Live that he is protective yet also pushes her to the limits and let’s her takes the risks he’s willing to take himself. Thank you thank you for keeping your characters consistent. This should be a movie series. (Ok so favorite characters by far: Eli and Harper are amazing but I also really liked Blaze and am excited to learn more about Owen.

    1. Thanks Destiny! I’m so glad you like the books. I also hate it when female characters are damsels in distress, but I also think it’s unrealistic (and annoying) when they have to do EVERYTHING. In my opinion, kick-ass ladies need strong men to back them up and balance them out! In real life, Harper and Eli’s relationship would probably be exhausting, but then again, living in a post-apocalyptic world would be equally exhausting. Haha.

      I would absolutely love to see The Fringe made into a movie series or a mini series, so if you know anyone in the entertainment biz, please send them my way! 🙂

  2. So just like Destiny I also binge read all three books, but it may have only taken me less than 24 hours. I think I might have a problem. I absolutely loved every single book! I find it rare that an author can keep each book just as engaging as the last and I usually find I have to force myself to finish a series. Not with Fringe!! I could not put the books down, or my phone I should say. I cannot thank you enough for this series. My favorite characters by far are Eli and Harper. I love the connection they have but I also find myself wishing they would stop yelling at each other and just say “I love you,” but I know if that happens too soon then their relationship won’t be the same nagging thing that keeps me so interested. I love the story line you have created, but I must say once Eli and Harper came along I could not wait to read all about their love story. I would love to have my own Eli in the real world too! Plus a butt kicking friend like Harper would also rock. Anyway you are an amazing human being for blessing us with Fringe, and I am so happy to see the next book will come out so soon!! I have literally been waiting 4 years for the last book in one of my other trilogies I started reading. It is refreshing to know that an author cares so much about her books, and her readers to put books out so fast

    1. Hey Ciara! Thanks so much for the super sweet comment. Harper and Eli are probably my favorite characters that I’ve ever written. I think you’ll be happy with how their relationship develops in book four. I do try to put the books out as quickly as I can (I also hate waiting for new books of series I love). I’m a fast writer, but it’s the editing that takes me a while. You should see the massive storyboard I just made for my office to help me with that part. I am getting faster! I’m so glad you love The Fringe. Keep on reading!

  3. I’m in the process of re-reading the books before Lockdown comes out and I think I have new favorite characters each time I read them. I like Harper and Eli, but I think my favorite characters are Sawyer, Lenny, and sometimes Miles. I just think the supporting characters make the story better and bring some comic relief to all the drama that surrounds Harper and Eli. I like Celdon, but he is a little too all over the place to make my favorites list.

    The new characters sound pretty interesting. I think I am most excited to see Chief Deputy Woodhouse. There is just so much corruption going on inside the compound that I think it will be really refreshing to see a character with some power that actually cares about doing the right thing.

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