The Wait Is Over! ‘Outbreak’ Is Here

Hey everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that Outbreak, the much-anticipated third installment of The Fringe series, is now available for digital download on Amazon!

To everyone who’s emailed me about the series, beta read the book, or signed up for an ARC, thank you so much for all your support. It’s truly unbelievable, and I dedicated this book to you guys.

Outbreak-Fringe-book-3-Tarah-BennerTo reward those of you who will buy the book right away, I’m running a secret sale today and tomorrow where you can pick up Outbreak for only 99 cents!!! I’m hoping to get as many people to buy it within the first two days as possible to drive up its ranking in the Amazon store.

(If you’re a fan of the Defectors Trilogy and haven’t started the series yet, you can pick up Recon, book one of The Fringe, for FREE today and tomorrow.)

For my diehard Fringe fans out there, please help me spread the word and get Outbreak blazing up the Amazon charts.

You can:

1. Download Outbreak on Amazon, and review the book when you finish reading.

2. Share on Twitter and Facebook, and tell your friends who like dystopian and post-apocalyptic books that Recon is free today.

3. Add Outbreak to your “Want to Read” shelf on Goodreads, and review it after you finish reading.

Here’s a little bit about the book:

***Caution: Spoilers for Exposure ahead.***

When Harper and Celdon escaped to compound 119, they thought they had a chance to start a new life away from Constance. What they found instead was a desolate wasteland ravaged by death.

Now, they have no choice but to return to their home compound, where things have never been worse. The drifters are plotting a large-scale attack out on the Fringe, and Jayden is speeding up deployments to secure the perimeter. She’s ordered Eli to kill the drifters’ leaders — including his estranged older brother.

Eli would do anything to protect Owen, but every choice has its consequences. Saving his brother means turning his back on Harper, and keeping the drifters’ secret means putting thousands of lives at risk.

Start reading the first chapter here, or download the book on Amazon.

16 thoughts on “The Wait Is Over! ‘Outbreak’ Is Here

  1. Already finished :)) how many books are there going to be? The series is great! Ready to see it turn around in Harper and eli’s favor!

  2. Hey Tarah,

    When I picked up “Recon” for free this week I had no idea how much I’d like it! I read it in a day, picked up “Exposure” and – without knowing about your secret sale – stumbled upon “Outbreak” which right then was available for 0.99 … what can I say? You’ve created a new addict 🙂

    Love from Israel,

  3. I am sooo loving this series!!! Do you think book 4 will come as quickly as book 3? I’m currently reading your other series to tide me over! I LOVE your writing style! I love how your female characters aren’t whiny, they are strong and independent but they don’t try to be reclusive either! Perfect balance. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to read all your work!

  4. This has been my favorite Dystopian series by far. While I can see how some people compare it to the “Divergent” series, I don’t think any other books of this genre have developed both the characters and plot with such synchronicity as these books. I’ve seen some criticism of the open ended treatment of each book, and agree that this reads more like a single novel with several parts than an actual series of books, but I actually like that and wish more writers would follow that suit. I’m anxiously waiting for the next installments in this captivating series.

    1. Hi Doug,
      Thanks so much! I do hear the “Divergent” comparison a lot — not that I’m complaining. I enjoyed those books as much as any dystopian fan. I think everything within the genre is derivative of something else, but I’m glad you think The Fringe has something special to offer. I’m also glad you aren’t turned off by the “serialized” aspect of the books. I have played around with the format of the traditional novel a bit with the series, but I think as publishing becomes more fast-paced and writers catch up to the Netflix model of books (people like to binge-watch/binge-read their entertainment), I think this will become more common. 🙂

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