Read the First Chapter of Fringe 3 and Vote on the Title!

Hello friends,

I’ve been hard at work prepping Fringe three for my editor. It’s coming together really nicely, and I think you’re going to enjoy it immensely! I plan on releasing the book July 2015, so you don’t have much longer to wait.

I know lots of you have been eagerly awaiting the release, so I thought I’d give all the blog readers a sneak peek at the first chapter. Remember, if you join my mailing list, you get these updates before anybody else!

You can read the sneak peek here.

I’d also like your help. I’m stuck on what the title of book three should be. And even though my awesome beta readers have given me their thoughts, I’ve gotten some conflicting opinions. I’m looking for a one-word noun that describes a state of being and fits with Recon and Exposure.

So for the first time ever, I thought I’d give my blog readers a say in what the title should be. You can cast your vote now or click the link at the end of the sneak peek. Submit your vote by Friday, June 26 at midnight Central Standard Time to have your response counted!

***Warning: Some title options are potential spoilers for the first chapter!***


6 thoughts on “Read the First Chapter of Fringe 3 and Vote on the Title!

  1. I just finished #2 and cannot wait until #3! I LOVE your series so much. July 15th cannot come soon enough! 😀

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