The Fringe Is Coming October 2014

Looking for some great dystopian action this fall? What will you do between the release of “The Maze Runner” and “Mockingjay Part I,” you ask?

Well, “The Fringe” is coming, and I’m excited to announce that I plan to release it this October. It’s a little later than I originally planned, but I’ve been super busy cleaning up bizarre plot issues and laying the groundwork for some pretty crazy shit to come.

On my trip to Colorado, I made Sam listen to all kinds of science podcasts predicting the future of things I can’t really talk about without giving too much away. But suffice to say, if you liked “The Defectors,” you’ll love “The Fringe” even more.

Here’s a little about book one:

Eli knows corruption runs deep within the compound. It’s a reality he’s forced to confront every year on Bid Day. But when your job is to wander out into the radiation-soaked Fringe so that others can live their lives in peace, you get used to not asking too many questions.

For Harper, the bid system works just fine. She’s the best developer in her year, and she’s confident about her future among the wealthy, respected Systems workers.

But when Harper uncovers a sinister truth about Bid Day, she’s forced to rely on an unlikely ally — dark, unreadable Eli Parker.

Told from the dual perspective of a defiant new recruit and Recon’s best solider, this gritty, claustrophobic story of corruption and survival will draw you in and leave you wondering what lies beyond the cleared zone.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am! Don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list if you’re interested in receiving an advanced review copy of the book.