Announcing the Release of Defectors Book 3

The Last UprisingHello everybody!

I’m excited to announce that “The Last Uprising,” book three in the Defectors Trilogy, is officially here!

I’m both thrilled/relieved that the book is finally finished and out in the world and a little sad to be leaving these characters behind. However, I think you’ll all really enjoy the mayhem, suspense and, of course, the ass-kicking.

Check it out:

Haven has been captured by World Corp, conditioned to hate the rebels who once fought at her side. 

Her memories are gone. 

Her loyalties have shifted. 

And she’s never been more unsure of herself.

Only Amory remains determined to bring Haven back over to the rebels’ side. She finds herself drawn to him despite the battle raging inside her, and she fears he may be her undoing.

Meanwhile, the rebellion is failing, hordes of carriers are growing in strength, and Aryus Edric continues to wage his brutal war for control.

As the rebellion comes to a head, Haven will be forced to choose: Fight the rebels as she’s been conditioned, or join the people she’s been taught to fear. 

In this thrilling final installment of the Defectors Trilogy, loyalties will be tested, friends will be lost, and a country’s freedom will hinge on the fight of a few.

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