Defectors Book 3 Cover Unveil to Kick off Hell Week Right

The Last Uprising 3 smHello friends! It’s been an exciting few weeks leading up to the final pre-launch push to release Defectors book three, “The Last Uprising.”

I just got the manuscript back from my editor and the cover from my designer, and let me tell you I am pumped for the release.

You’ll notice it’s Roman on the cover this time, which is my way of hinting at him being awesome in this book. (Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for Roman.)

This week is “hell week” for me, as I am giving the edited manuscript one final proof before I send out advanced review copies. (If you’re not already on my email list, make sure you sign up to get all the details on that.)

The official release date for book three is Friday, June 13 (though it might go live on Amazon before then).

I’ll also be participating in a fun event called Cruel Book Summer on Facebook. It’s a one-day sale on YA paranormal, horror, and fantasy books, and Defectors book one will be on sale that day.

I know, I know. “The Defectors” isn’t technically horror, but I was invited to do the event, and it seemed fun. Tell your friends, stop by, and you might find some great books to check out after you read “The Last Uprising.”