Defectors Book Two ‘Enemy Inside’ Is Now Available


Sector X has fallen. The PMC is in upheaval. Winter is on its way, and there’s trouble in the rebel camp. Whispered doubts circulate about the effectiveness of the rebellion, and Rulon is losing control.

When the rebels refuse to help Haven rescue Amory from the clutches of the PMC, she must take matters into her own hands and cross enemy lines.

But Amory isn’t a prisoner of war — he’s a test subject in a dangerous experiment.

To save one of their own, the gang will have to enlist the help of someone they don’t trust and come face to face with the enemy inside.

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of book two in the Defectors Trilogy, “Enemy Inside.”

Some of you have been intimately involved in the creative process — from offering your input on which ending to use to helping me choose the title — so this is really a shared accomplishment. Thank you all so much.

“Enemy Inside” will be 99 cents today (Friday) through Sunday, January 12. Book one (“The Defectors”) will be FREE those days, so now is a great time to get your friends reading the series. As always, your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are very much appreciated. They do so much to help get the book into other readers’ hands.

CLICK HERE to download “Enemy Inside” on Amazon.