Announcing Official Release of ‘The Defectors’

The DefectorsAfter months of sleepless nights, I’m proud to announce the release of “The Defectors.” It’s the first in a dystopian trilogy, and it’s FREE today and Monday on Amazon. Downloads and honest reviews are much appreciated.

First came the virus. Then came the Collapse. The only way to contain the epidemic is mandatory migration across the northern border of the United States. Each vaccinated citizen is identified by a tiny microchip — the most intelligent piece of technology ever to be implanted in a human being that tracks and analyzes your every move.

Twenty-year-old Haven Allis is in the system: her Citizen ID tracks her location, conversations, Internet activity, bank account — everything. Any suspicious activity is warrant for arrest.

But for those who are undocumented, life is much worse. Illegals are taken to the prisons in Sector X and made to disappear.

When her best friend Greyson is captured and arrested for his undocumented status, Haven must go off the grid to save him. Life outside the city has its own dangers: carriers of the virus lurk everywhere, and the Private Military Company is rounding up illegals. On her mission to rescue Greyson, Haven will discover a revolution in motion and be forced to question everything she believes.

You can download “The Defectors” for Kindle and the Kindle app here.

Today is also, coincidentally, my first day being “out” as a writer, which is very liberating. I’ve heard writing a book is like losing weight: you should either tell EVERYONE or tell NO ONE. I’m not great at keeping secrets, but I told very few people what I was doing until it was done.

I think when you’re working on something that takes so much creative energy, it’s easier to turn off your inner critic if you can reassure yourself that if it’s crap, no one else has to know. Then, once it’s finished, you have to edit with the reader in mind. Or, as Stephen King says, “Write with the door closed. Rewrite with the door open.”

So far the responses have been overwhelmingly supportive and positive. I don’t know what I was expecting — maybe that some troll on Facebook I last saw in 7th grade would heckle and send me endless FarmVille invitations as punishment. But as it turns out, I know a lot of really nice people.

I’ve gotten the impression that a lot of the blog readers are writers themselves, so I’m wondering: What have been other people’s experiences with launching that first book? Scary?  Liberating? Let me know.