A Very Anticlimactic First Book Release

I published my first book today at midnight EST. As with just about everything else in life, I got pretty worked up over nothing. After about a month of sleeplessness and nightmares about the launch, hitting “Publish” on Amazon was pretty anticlimactic.

Just as I was preparing to deploy social media, give a big “Ta-da! I’m an author!” announcement (read: tell my parents) and call in the troops to download the book, Amazon burst my bubble.

“May take up to 12 hours to appear.” Hmm. Not what I was expecting.

It’s strange that I was craving the instant gratification of seeing it go live, considering nothing about authoring a book screams “instant gratification.” (“The Defectors” has been in the works since January, and I’ve been working through edits and proofreading since early July.) Still, I do feel pretty good that the book is — for now, at least — out of my hands. Fly little bird! Fly!

Tonight, instead of dreaming about wonky formatting and “Track Changes” from Word to Scrivener going awry, I’ll be dreaming of all the little elves in Amazon’s magic workshop inspecting all the little zeros and ones of the file. Or maybe just a bleary-eyed office worker in Seattle checking to make sure the cover art doesn’t include Comic Sans before stamping a big Amazon smiley face stamp on the book. (In my imagination, they use a real stamp on a physical paper manuscript.)

Stay tuned tomorrow for when “The Defectors” goes live (for real). I’ll be deploying pink champagne and Chinese food in celebration.